Public Speaking by Jamie McGarry

Jamie is frequently called upon to deliver lectures, talks and workshops, typically to groups of writers, in a university or social setting. Depending on the level of prior knowledge, he can provide a general overview of the publishing industry, or offer insight into the nuts and bolts of starting and growing a publishing business. If you're interested in booking Jamie for a talk, get in touch via the contact form here.


"It was so refreshing to listen to and engage with such an enthusiastic speaker. Jamie's opening on starting his own business, 'I couldn't get my foot in the door, so I built my own door' was so inspiring. His passion, drive and dedication is admirable." Claire Palmer-Jones, MA Writing for Performance and Publication at Leeds University

"Jamie's workshop did just what was needed and gave lots of interesting and useful info. We couldn't have asked for more." Jackie Goodman, University of Hull

"Jamie's sessions not only provide useful insight, but also get our students really thinking about their next steps. He always provokes fascinating and rewarding discussion." Professor Paul Hardwick, Leeds Trinity University